The Australian Government sets the ‘acceptable’ safe level of contamination on surfaces within any inhabited environment at less than 0.5 μg/100cm² (0.5 micrograms per 100cm²).


We offer testing services to determine the presence (if any) of unsafe levels of contamination through the provision of initial sampling which will establish if an area is contaminated at or above 0.5 μg/100cm². Any area returning a reading of 0.5 μg/100cm² is recommended for further Forensic testing to determine exact contamination levels.


We do not recommend or use Basic Composite Testing as this will only identify the presence of methamphetamine and provide an overall reading of all the areas tested but still not provide the required evidence of which areas(if any) require remediation. On occasion unfortunately higher contamination levels are revealed through forensic results and we assist with the preparation of a Remediation plan and the delivery of this plan if requested


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