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Rapid Testing

Minimum of 1 Rapid test per room

A rapid test will give a negative/positive result below or above 0.5 μg/100cm² (0.5 micrograms per 100cm²).

Negative Result-no further action required

Positive Results - requires further testing recommend detailed Lab NIOSH9111 Forensic Testing

Detailed Lab NIOSH9111 Forensic Testing

We recommend any room returning a positive rapid test result have a further Lab NIOSH9111 test to determine what further action would be recommended

Basic Composite Testing

We do not recommend or use Basic Composite Testing as this will only identify the presence of ethamphetamine and provide an overall reading of all the areas tested but still not provide the required evidence of which areas(if any) require remediation.

Welcome to Meth Test & Screen WA

“Our business in the provision of Methamphetamine testing and remediation is built on integrity and honesty. We fully respect that this is an industry with a limited current awareness of the real impact of Methamphetamine personal use and personal production on both the individual and family members. We have a personal and business commitment to conduct ourselves ethically at all times during our business operations. “

We are a local Western Australian business working with Real Estate Agents; directly with Bankruptcy Companies and private individuals to ensure their rental or sale properties are safe from harmful contamination with Methamphetamine.
While research into both the short and long term effects of exposure to methamphetamine through cooking (predominantly Shake & Bake Method in WA) and prolonged exposure to smoking of Meth within the family home is still in its early stages the Australian Government currently sets the ‘acceptable’ level of contamination on surfaces at less than 0.5 μg/100cm² (0.5 micrograms per 100cm²).

  • Rapid Testing
  • Forensic NIOSH 9111 Laboratory Testing
  • Detailed report on all properties provided
  • Recommendation for Remediation

We proudly service all of Western Australia


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